Born in Hazelton, British Columbia. Grew up in Edmonton, Alberta. Left to avoid certain death. Studied Screenplay writing in Vancouver. Spent time in Montreal, Nelson, Toronto, Switzerland & many small towns across Western Canada. I picked up a guitar while living in Uster, Switzerland in 2009 and played my first show in Montreal in 2011. Since then I have written a couple hundred songs as a solo artist and as a member of other projects. I have also assisted as a lyricist for bands in Switzerland (Manolo Panic, The Stoop, Spiders & Cockroaches, Baba Shrimps) and currently play guitar and sing in Shmö Magestica, Hazelton, The Mackies & The Stoop.

In early 2014 Liam McIvor Tyner, Jordan Sawchuk & I started “Fortune Creek Recording Co.” our objective is to assist with and release music that we feel passionate about. You can hear all the releases thus far in the link below. If you have any questions or wanna reach out email me here :

Fortune Creek Bandcamp





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